Business Coaching for Therapists


Business Action Plan Development 

Over the course of two strategy sessions, we create a business plan, identify your practice goals, develop action steps, and establish a timeline for executing each step need to open your own private practice. 

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Weekly Skype sessions

Weekly Skype sessions provide you with personalized advice, accountability, and support as you complete each task related to opening your private practice or therapeutic business. 



Web Design, Social Media & Blogs

Confused about how to create a website, blog, or social media presence? Let someone else do the work for you. I help clients create an online presence that mirrors their therapeutic style. 


“I can’t put words to Kelley Stevens that would accurately represent her talent and entrepreneur edge in business planning. Kelley not only helped me brainstorm what I wanted to do but helped me put it into action. From there, Kelley not only showed me how to build a website on my own but held my hand through writing the content in a way that effectively expressed what I wanted to get across to people. With Kelley’s support I felt confident that I could develop a business that I had dreamed of but didn’t know how to functionally build. Furthermore, I felt competent in moving forward in opening this business with Kelley’s ongoing support. As I continue to grow my website and expand my ventures, Kelley has been my guiding light and biggest support. Her drive to help others have a successful business and knowledge of marketing techniques provides a flawless map for individuals who are seeking support in building an empire!
— Lyle McClain - Bridge The Gap Services
Kelley has been one of my biggest supports and mentors in building my business. She walked me through each intricate detail of starting a private practice and even taught me how to build my website! She is one of those people who has struck the perfect balance between helping, educating and teaching you how to do it yourself. She is not only a talented clinician but one of the most business savvy people I know.
— JuliAnn Crommelin