Fear, You're Riding in the Backseat.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a planner. I am the type of human who gets twisted pleasure out of checking items off of my to do list. Thus, it's only fitting I am also a huge fan of New Years resolutions. For "to do list junkies," New Years resolutions are the holy grail of task driven achievement. 


Every December, I sit down and create a long list of resolutions for the coming year. One year I put all of these resolutions in a Passion Planner, another year I taped a list of 27 items to my fridge and stared at them everyday while eating my breakfast. However, without fail by the time November rolls around I feel behind and overwhelmed by the long list of tasks I asked myself to complete. 

Every January, my ladies meditation group, "The Meditation Mammas," gets together to create vision boards for the year to come. This year I showed up to our vision board event with my creative juices flowing. I was thrilled for the opportunity to let my inner child go wild with magazine clippings, glitter glue, and colored pencils. However, as I sat down to make my 2017 vision board I realized that I had no idea what to put on the board. I sat stunned by my lack of creativity as my friends chatted and glued the night away. 

You see, 2016 was a tough year for so many people in my life. My friends, clients, colleagues, and I faced both exciting and challenging transitions in 2016. As I sat amongst my friends clipping out pictures for their vision boards I felt my New Years resolution habits shifting. My tried and true resolutions of "get in shape and floss everyday," aren't going to cut it anymore. For me, 2017 can't be centered around getting in shape, running a 1/2 marathon (a whole marathon was NEVER on the table), or packing my schedule with appointments. While those resolutions are valid they aren't the heavy hitters that I need in order to be the soulful, present, and grateful woman I hope to be in 2017. This year is about digging deep into any fears that keep me from being "ALL IN," with my work, my family, and my friends. This year is about embracing my messy beautiful life, and the messy beautiful humans who I have the honor of knowing. Because of this I only have two New Years resolutions: 

1. Be "ALL IN" with my job, my friendships, my relationships, and my life. Stop WAiting. 

2. Put fear in the backseat where she belongs.

In honor of these two resolutions, I encourage you to watch this  little film by one of my personal idols, Elizabeth Gilbert, and the Salt Project.