Therapists Building Community

This morning I was reminded of the power of community and belonging. I am incredibly grateful to be part of an amazing community of mental health professionals in Los Angeles, and this morning many of us gathered for the first annual WAAT meeting in Malibu.

As I walked into a room of over 50 other women professionals, I was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude. I felt a sense of belonging and acceptance.  All at once my guard came down. 

So often as therapists,  we are isolated in our individual offices. So much of the work we do is deeply personal and strictly confidential; which causes us to spend many hours of the day with just one or two other people in our offices. Although this set up is important to the way we work, it also prevents us from gathering in fellowship with one another. 

Thus, this week I would challenge all the therapists I know to reach out. Challenge yourself to get a group of therapist friends together, and spend time connecting. When we are in community with one another, we feel seen, heard, and understood. This only helps strengthen our ability to do the same for our clients.