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Kelley Stevens is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Westlake Village, California. Kelley specializes in working with teens, young adults, and families. Whether she is connecting with her clients, her students, or other professionals, Kelley believes in encouraging others to explore, process, and conquer their own fears so they can go on to thrive. Kelley creates a therapeutic environment where others feel safe to explore personal barriers and move forward to create lives of meaning, purpose, belonging, and fulfillment. 


About Kelley's therapeutic style, experience and education. 



Tools for growing your private therapy practice. 


Blog posts for teens, young adults, and families. 


Tools for Parents and Families

Ways that parents can support their teen or young adult in therapy.     

therapy - faq

Answers to questions or fears about therapy. 


Clinical Tools for Therapists

Clinical tools for working with teens and young adults. 

I love connecting with other professionals and clients. Are you interested in connecting with me? Send me a message or follow along!